Ingrid Vanderveldt

is Leading the #1 Global Movement to

Empower a Billion Women by 2020

By using technology, my goal is to mentor women business owners to financial literacy worldwide.


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Ingrid’s Secrets For Success

“You need to authentically own your calling. You stop worrying about, ‘Oh my God, this is ridiculous, no one is going to believe me,’ and start worrying about, ‘Okay how would I do that?'” -IV

“How do women get the confidence to take the risk and make the leap in to entrepreneurship? Get to the bottom of what it is you are authentically called to do and take action.” -IV

Inspire Change By Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

Inspire Change By Thinking Like An Entrepreneur Joann M. Eisenhart shares in Forbes how to Inspire Change by Thinking Like An Entrpreneur.  Eisenhart is senior vice president, Human Resources, Facilities and Philanthropy at Northwestern Mutual. After attending the Forbes Women’s Summit: Power Redefined in New York, I’ve returned to my office energized and inspired. It was an honor to share ideas with some of the most savvy, forward-thinking women in leadership today. During the summit, it was my pleasure to present the first Northwestern Mutual Excellence in Entrepreneurship award to Ingrid Vanderveldt. A lifelong entrepreneur, Ingrid is the first ever Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Dell Inc., where she oversees Dell’s entrepreneurial initiatives globally, including the Dell Center for Entrepreneurs and the $130 million Dell Innovators Credit Fund, which she created. Her vision is to empower a billion women by 2020. That effort includes giving them tools; she envisions a world where every woman has a mobile device. It also includes giving them knowledge. Ingrid works to facilitate opportunities for girls and women for learning, growth and entrepreneurship. To read all of this article, click...

3 Successful Women Entrepreneurs on How to Get More Women Involved in Tech

Inc Magazine’s Kerry Close shares how three high-powered women entrepreneurs sounded off on the best ways to drive more diversity in tech. When Reshma Saujani was toying with starting Girls with Code, an organization that teaches computer science skills to high-school-aged women, she faced a number of obstacles. Not only did she have zero coding experience, she met resistance from mostly male professionals in the industry. They would say that there’s no need for the company. Ultimately, they were wrong. Girls Who Code has helped train nearly 4,000 girls in 29 states since launching in 2012. To read more, click...

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world-class entrepreneur.

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